Corporate Law

This team is led by Attorney Seki who has gone through various disputes regardless of their field and addressed a broad range of legal issues based on such experiences of his.
We are capable of providing sound preventative measures precisely because of his rich dispute experiences.

Actually, every one of our attorneys is able to handle general corporate legal issues as that is a basic requirement for the attorneys engaging in corporate transactions.
Our firm offers legal services such as the preparation and review of various contract forms both in Japanese and English, the guidance/agency service for corporate transactions, the preparations for a shareholders’ meeting, the organization of office regulations, the handling of laws regulating the industry and other legal consultations, etc.

The extensive business domains of our clients include various manufacturing businesses (home appliance, machine, equipment, construction material, textile, clothing, foods, alcoholic beverage, cosmetic), communication, construction, architecture, real estate sales/agency, building maintenance, carriage of passengers (railway/automobile), gas, electricity, waste disposal, lease, medical care, social welfare, school, religion, golf, hotel, entertainment, sports association, restaurant, various services, retail business, etc.