Litigation, Dispute Settlement, etc.

One of the fields that our firm is making its best efforts to is litigation and dispute settlements.

Regardless of the legal fields such as corporate transactions, IPs, anti-trust laws, financial instruments and exchange laws and labor laws, we, as the lead firm, have been cooperatively working on litigation and disputes of various size. Our achievements include a case where we, representing Japanese smaller businesses, had a fight against a major US corporation for protecting their rights. Squarely facing many difficult cases, we have been striving and making efforts along with our clients.

Our litigation team is led by Attorney Asaoka who even has an experience of winning a case at the Supreme Court. Attorney Asaoka is referred to as one of the best trial lawyers in Japan and other attorneys in our firm have been inspired by the way of him soundingly state what he believes in in the court, aiming higher respectively. All of our attorneys will seek to protect the rights of our clients with a mindset that each one of them will play multiple roles.